Mike House

Mike House has spent the best part of half a century exploring the mysteries of the survivalist mind –he was doing it before he knew it… Over the past 15 years Mike has been an avid instructor and student of survival, leadership and change processes.

Mike grew up on a farm in the south west of WA and spent his formative years exploring and observing the bush, sometimes alone, sometimes with his father who holds generations of wisdom, and sometimes with Noongar people who hold millennia of wisdom. 

He has worked with local and multinational corporations, international documentary crews, celebrities and human services organisations. He brings to the corporate sector an ability to interpret timeless wisdom and connect it with the issues of the present.

His clients describe him as a thoughtful and thorough listener who brings clarity and focus, a challenger of conventional wisdom, and an agent of change.

"Don't be content to merely survive"

It is that depth of experience and wisdom that makes working with Mike informative, colourful, deep and profound. Fundamental survival instincts, hard wired into us as human beings, have a profound impact on our success in business, relationships, and change environments. Using insights from the natural environment, survival experience and psychology (both ancient and modern) and current leadership models and theories, Mike will introduce you to readily applicable knowledge and tools to transform your results, decrease your stress and bring a greater sense of wonder and joy into your business or personal life.

In a situation like being stranded in the outback or shipwrecked at sea, these skills make the difference between life and death. In business - the death may be metaphorical and take longer - but no less certain if you ignore the fundamentals. Don’t be content to merely survive –Mike can show you how to thrive.

Are you ready?

“Over the last 10 years I have participated in numerous Desert Survival training exercises with Mike House including "The Long Walk" a 200km exercise over 10 days in the Pilbara, and I can only describe my confidence in him, and admiration for him as unalloyed.

He has lead me and my family on many abseiling and caving trips with the kind of calm quiet authority Bear Grylls can only dream of.

He is committed to making the world he lives in a better place and he does that by direct action.

My confidence in him, as a man of integrity and great heart has lead me to experience personal growth I thought improbable or impossible.

The importance of teamwork, of mature interdependent relationships, of leadership, a deeper understanding of self and how I relate to those around me.  All these are integral to the success of my business, my personal and family life. In my training with him, these are all the things Mike House has shown me by his own example.

If you're reading this because you think he might have something to offer you, your business or your family - you're right, he does.”

Kevin Lewis, Regional Sales Manager, Moore Industries – Pacific

Want to learn more about Mike? Head over to www.mikehouse.com.au.