Malcolm Dix

Malcolm Dix is a Comedian, MC, Speaker and Facilitator with more than 20 years of experience in presenting to diverse, wonderful and challenging audiences across Australia and overseas.

Prior to entering this profession, Malcolm worked with homeless people in Australia and London. He began a career in stand up comedy partly to stay sane and healthy amidst the frequent chaos and confronting nature of his daily work.

Malcolm has performed at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, toured with the Comedy Festival Road Show and appeared on Rove Live, Triple J and the ABC.

His natural energy, insight, empathy, character skills and great humour give Malcolm the flexibility to present as either a Speaker, Workshop Facilitator, Conference MC or Corporate Comic Hoax. He is often engaged to perform all of these roles at one event.

Malcolm's relaxed style is always focused on connecting with the audience and establishing a positive environment. His many years as a stand-up comic have honed his stage skills and ability to think creatively under pressure.

Our clients engage Malcolm because:

  1. He's a pleasure to work with.
  2. Delegates love him.
  3. He's professional.
  4. He's flexible.
  5. He's funny.
  6. He excels at keeping delegates informed, entertained and on time.
  7. He works with the client, AV, function staff, speakers and audience as a whole team to make it a great event.

Most clients who engage Malcolm to MC also engage him to deliver a great, customised Comedy Hoax to close the conference or present at the dinner to stunning effect.

While he is facilitating the event, helping you to make it as rich, meaningful and productive as possible, he is also gleaning information for his finale.

See the panel to the right for some comments from clients.

Malcolm is also a father of four, runs Parenting workshops (“We teach what we most need to learn!”) and writes for Parenting Ideas magazine. He has published two books encouraging parents to use humour to help them stay healthy and sane!

He is fully committed to our company purpose of ‘Raising consciousness and improving communication through humour, honesty and courageous self-inquiry’.